Missions at North Scituate Advent Christian Church

We believe we are called to share the gospel locally, nationally and around the world. In order to fulfill that calling, we support the following individuals and missions organizations. We also prayerfully consider other requests throughout the year such as supporting existing food pantries and local community-based needs.

Savannah Dowd

Savannah in Albania

Savannah in Albania 2016

Savannah Dowd, one of our congregation’s young adults, is answering God’s call in her life. During summer break from college, she has participated in summer mission trips through Adventures in Missions’ Passport program for college-age students.

Mission Trip to Albania, Summer 2016

Please keep Savannah in prayer as she serves on her 2nd summer missions trip. She is currently serving in Albania with a small team of college-age missionaries through Adventures in Missions. We’ll keep posting photos and notes from her trip here, but you can also see Savannah’s published articles on their blog:

Mission Trip to Nicaragua, Summer 2015

Savannah and Kids

Savannah in Nicaragua 2015

In the summer of 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to go on my first missions trip to Nicaragua with eight other wonderful people from all over the country for one month. I was placed in the little village of Chichigalpa at New Song Missions where I served in various ways including but not limited to planting and tending trees whose leaves can be crushed and used as a supplement to boost the health of the community, tutoring and passing out school supplies to children, preparing the baseball fields for the future baseball ministry (which is now flourishing), prayer walking, painting a church, and running Sunday school for the kiddos in a neighboring village.

This opportunity can really only be described as life altering. While I had the opportunity to serve in so many wonderful ways, I feel like my experience in Nicaragua opened my eyes to just how loving and gracious the God we serve is. I saw the way that the people we worked with hungered for His presence, which was very much alive there, and by the end of the month I found myself hungering too in way that I wasn’t when I first stepped on the plane that would take me from Atlanta to Managua. I can say with the utmost confidence this trip was when I truly started learning what it means to be a beloved daughter of God, and it is a lesson that I am eager for God to continue nurturing throughout my life.

Nathan Shenk

Nathan Shenk in Burma

Nathan Shenk in Burma

Nathan Shenk’s mission — while serving in Burma (Myanmar): “To bring help, hope and love to people of all faiths and ethnicities in the war zones of Burma, to shine a light on the actions of the dictators’ army, to stand with the oppressed, and to support leaders and organizations committed to liberty, justice and service.”

Imagine yourself in a totally different context than the one you find yourself in now.  You are married and have a number of children, but instead of America, you live in an isolated village in the jungle.  You live a typical village life where you need to labor intensely in order for you and your family to survive.  You do not have access to modern healthcare when your family experiences medical problems.  You pray and hope that things turn out ok.  Now imagine you have the opportunity to receive western medicine by going to a clinic that was started in the jungle to help people in your situation.  The jungle school of medicine does just that.  It is the first hospital of its kind in this area and provides care for the people who previously did not have access to it.  It strives to provide both care for the patient as well as an education to those who want to help their people with more advanced medicine.

It must be very basic, because it is in the middle of the jungle, and there are cases where the patient would benefit from more advanced treatment.  One of the jobs which I have helped with this summer has been patient transport. The job in a nutshell is going to a smaller town that is on the border (thus closer to the people’s villages) to pick up these patients (and on occasion relatives of the patient) in order to bring them to a hospital in the city where I am based.

Straight Ahead Ministries

Barbara Picard sharing with our congregation.

Barbara Picard sharing with our congregation.

Straight Ahead exists to see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders. More than three million children and youth are arrested each year in the United States.

We support Barbara Picard in her work with Straight Ahead Ministries where she serves as Communications Director and also works to write and produce curriculum to help with Straight Ahead’s ongoing mission. Please keep both Barbara and this important ministry in prayer.

Visit the Straight Ahead Ministries website at: http://www.straightahead.org/.



Renewed Life Philippine Mission

Gheng and Bill Farace

Gheng and Bill Farace

This mission exists to bring desperately needed medical supplies to the poor and homeless of Mindanao Island in the Philippines. They accomplish this by partnering with multiple hospitals and organizations in the USA, taking used, yet usable equipment and shipping it to the Philippines, for use in hospitals and clinics there.

This work is done under the leadership of Bill & Gheng Farace. Whenever Gheng and Bill are back in Rhode Island we are glad to welcome them to our church and share in their blessings and prayer requests.

Visit their website at: http://www.renewedlifephilippinemission.com/


Teen Challenge, New England

Teen_Challenge3Teen Challenge is a 15 to 21-month Christian residential drug recovery program that is part of a network of 10 Teen Challenge centers across New England and New Jersey. The program has a strong faith-based approach and offers spiritual, academic, and vocational training that equips individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

We support the Providence, RI Women’s Center. Please visit their website at: www.tcnewengland.org.


Trinity Episcopal Church Food Closet

Jean Grover of the Trinity Church Food Pantry

Jean Grover of the Trinity Church Food Pantry

Our church provides ongoing support to the Trinity Episcopal Church Food Closet. We do this by collecting non-perishable food items and monetary gifts, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our Youth Group also volunteers to distribute food baskets before Thanksgiving. Many in our congregation also participate in Trinity’s annual fund raising event Run the Reservoir 15K Run & 5K Walk.

The Food Closet provides for 60+ familes a month from the towns of Scituate, Foster, Glocester and Johnston. It is open Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00am-11:00am. For more information visit: http://trinitynorthscituate.weebly.com


Advent Christian Outreach

We work in cooperation with other Advent Christian Churches worldwide to provide support for national and international missions efforts. For information on Advent Christian Outreach efforts go to: http://adventchristian.org/Ministries/World-Outreach.


Rhode Island Right to Life