Our Church History

The Advent Christian Church in North Scituate, RI has a rich heritage that goes back to the early 19th century. From 1840-1842 a series of revival camp-meetings occurred that led to this church being founded in 1842. The first meetings were held on the upper floor of a barn, and the congregation met in a variety of locations until October of 1867 when the congregation bought and refurbished a building located on Main Street in North Scituate. In 1966, the congregation moved to its present facilities on Rockland Road.

The past 167 years have been at times full of excitement and enthusiasm, and at other times struggles and disappointments. The most consistent qualities that have been maintained from our beginning are a love for God, a determination to remain true to the Word of God, and a mutual encouragement of one another to faithfulness to the Word of God.

How shall we record the history of this church? First, we believe it is not our church but the church of Jesus Christ, built of the lives of people committed to a faith in Him that sustains them through good time and bad, successes and failures. With humility we acknowledge our shortcomings knowing that individually and as a church, in spite of good intentions, we have at times fallen short of the spirit of our Lord. We believe he has accepted our repentance over the years and blesses our continuing efforts. With humility we also acknowledge the faithfulness of God in sustaining and growing our church family and our ministry. It is with a sense of faith, hope and expectancy that we look forward to what He has in store for us in the years ahead.